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What we stand for

The objective of the OFDW shall be to unite women of the Democratic Party; to promote the causes of the Democratic Party, to encourage full participation of women at every level of the Democratic Party structure, and to elect Democratic candidates. 

Party Officers

Bettye Rector


Denise Allen

1st Vice President

Marion Hill

2nd Vice President

Saleema Muhammad

3rd Vice President

Debbie Leftwich


Karren Gaddis


Debbie Houge-Downing

Affirmative Action Officer

Carolyn McLemore

Affirmative Action Officer

Find Your Local Club

To locate an OFDW club in your area, contact:

CD 1 , Pres

CD 2 , President

CD 3 Barbara Cox, President  

CD 4 , President

CD 5 , President

Our Bylaws

OFDWC Bylaws Amended 2016 07.07.2021.pdf

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